Monday, August 7, 2017

Early Emergent Books - Pets

Looking for leveled books for your early emergent readers? 
Check out our new series of reading books for your kindergarten readers! We are so excited to share with you our very first set of books - all about pets! These books are adapted to reading levels A, B, C, and D so that all students can enjoy reading the same book as a class. 

In addition to the leveled readers, you will find:
  • Running Records
    • allow you to assess your student's accuracy, rate, fluency, and comprehension 
  • Vocabulary Photo Cards
  • Text-Dependent Questions
  • Writing and Drawing Prompts
  • Matching Worksheets
We  hope you and your kids enjoy reading these books and looking at the beautiful photographs of different pets! Happy reading!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft! Help your students in the classroom or kids at home make a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft using pine cones! Students can also get creative and write things they are thankful for on each of the turkey's feathers and mix up the colors too.

Here is a list of supplies:
1. Pine cone (1 per child) {I bought these at Michaels Craft Store}
2. Googly eyes (1 pair per child)
3. Red yarn
4. Turkey templates
5. Brown, red, orange, and yellow construction paper
6. Black pen or marker
7. Scissors
8. Craft glue
9. Stapler

For more fun ideas and to get a copy of my turkey template cut-outs, check out my Thanksgiving: Math & Literacy Packet at my TpT Store Grade School Cool. Thanks!

Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Fun Packet

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Just in time for the holiday, I have posted my Thanksgiving packet to my Grade School Cool TpT Store. This packet features over 80 pages of reading comprehension, writing, spelling, math and science activities and printables. Students will write thank you notes to classmates, friends, and family; make a pilgrim hat glyph; solve story problems with a Thanksgiving Day theme; survey and analyze data about their classmates' favorite Thanksgiving feast foods; complete two science experiments that incorporate a Thanksgiving theme; and many other fun worksheets! Check out the pictures below to see a visual sample!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Veterans and Memorial Day Math & Literacy Fun Packet

Just in time for Veterans Day on November 11th, I have posted my Veterans & Memorial Day Packet! There are over 90 pages featuring activities and lessons covering reading comprehension, writing, spelling, math & science skills {Common Core Aligned}. Check out a few of the pictures below for a sample of what's included! Thanks!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Common Core ELA and Math Assessments Grade 1 (DOUBLE PACK)

BY REQUEST: This double pack includes my Common Core ELA Assessments Grade 1 (ALL STANDARDS PACK) product combined with my Common Core Math Assessments Grade 1 (ALL STANDARDS PACK) product. Together, this 2-in-1 packet includes assessment materials for ALL STANDARDS covering the Common Core ELA and Math Standards for First Grade. Included are over 400 pages of assessments! Two sets of checklists are included featuring a single assessment for each student; pretest, posttest assessments; and quarter assessments. Evaluation criteria and answer keys for every standard are also included. An index has been added for easy navigation to find individual standards/assessments quickly! Check out my TpT store Grade School Cool for more Common Core Assessment Packets! Thanks for looking!

October TpT $25 Gift Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to October's TpT $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway Winners: Natasha Fleming, Arika Hoffman, Marisa Arthur, and Leslie Conway! Congrats again!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September TpT $25 Gift Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to September's TpT $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway Winners: Denise Gantner, Amy Finnegan, Justine Greenlee, Deanne Pietrzak! Congrats again, ladies! 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

TpT $25 Gift Certificate Monthly Giveaway

Hello My Fellow Fabulous Teacher Fans!

To help you all get a chance to use the wonderful resources the TpT site offers all teachers, I will be giving away $100 total in TpT Gift Certificates each month this school year! Each and every month, 4 winners will be chosen to receive a $25 TpT Gift Certificate to use toward any product purchase of their choice! If you would like to participate in my monthly giveaways, please follow the steps below:

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Have a great school year my fellow teachers!

Grade School Cool

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School Pack - Math & Literacy Fun {First Week Activities & Lessons for Kids}

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Check out my Back to School - Math & Literacy Fun {First Week Activities & Lessons Pack} for 70+ pages full of worksheets, group work, and fun printables that help your students introduce themselves and learn about their new teacher and classmates! Included you will find many writing prompts asking students to describe themselves, including their likes, measurements, and summer vacation as well as interview questions to find out more about a fellow classmate and ice breaker game to quickly learn a few things about each other. The pack also includes many bar graphs that ask students to use various math skills incorporating a fun "back to school" theme and, finally, a paper backpack craft is featured.
Here are some of what's included in the pictures below:
Thanks for looking! Happy new school year!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reward Coupons for Good Student Behavior in the Classroom

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Reward Coupons - 50+ Reward Classroom Coupons {Color + Black & White}

This is a great way to promote good behavior and academic achievement in grade school classrooms. Each week, students can be rewarded with tickets or reward cards (both included in this packet) and at the end of the week (or more, depending on your individual classroom needs) students can "cash in" and purchase one of these 52 unique reward coupons. Here are a few of reward coupons highlighted in the pictures below.

In addition to the full page layout, I also have included half page and quarter page size coupons (in color and black & white versions, too)!

Here is a list of the 52 reward coupons included in this 282-page pack that you can now find on my TpT store by clicking here or on any of the images above!

*Mini Me Reward Coupon
*Teacher’s Sidekick Reward Coupon
*Picky Picky Reward Coupon
*Switch With Me Reward Coupon
*The Throne Reward Coupon
*Cut In Line Reward Coupon
*Librarian Reward Coupon
*Storyteller Reward Coupon
*Free Late Work Reward Coupon
*Free Start Reward Coupon
*Hip Hop Reward Coupon
*Yum Gum Reward Coupon
*Mad Hatter Reward Coupon
*No Shoes Reward Coupon
*Hot N Cold Reward Coupon
*Animal Lover Reward Coupon
*Ice Breaker Reward Coupon
*Pump It Up Reward Coupon
*Keys Please Reward Coupon
*Apps & Games Reward Coupon
*It Takes Two Reward Coupon
*Sit With Me Reward Coupon
*Party For Two Reward Coupon
*Head Of The Class Reward Coupon
*Recess Plus Reward Coupon
*Free Break Time Reward Coupon
*Hip Hip Hooray Reward Coupon
*Shooting Star Reward Coupon
*Show N Tell Reward Coupon
*Show It Off Reward Coupon
*Chef Reward Coupon
*Treats N Sweets Reward Coupon
*Toy Box Reward Coupon
*Say Cheese Reward Coupon
*Mail Delivery Reward Coupon
*Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Reward Coupon
*Famous Artist Reward Coupon
*Mad Scientist Reward Coupon
*Planet Hero Reward Coupon
*Green Thumb Reward Coupon
*LOL Comedian Reward Coupon
*Rock Star Reward Coupon
*Movie Ticket Reward Coupon
*Dance Dance Reward Coupon
*Lunch Munch Reward Coupon
*Taste Tester Reward Coupon
*Team Captain Reward Coupon
*Field Trip Guide Reward Coupon
*Eraser Reward Coupon
*Calendar Keeper Reward Coupon
*Color Fun Reward Coupon
*Book Club Reward Coupon

Thanks for looking:) Happy summer and happy teaching!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fall Math & Literacy Freebie Mini Pack

If you are interested in purchasing my Fall - Math & Literacy Fun Activities, Printables Pack (Common Core Aligned)  you can first check out a sample by downloading my Fall: Freebie Mini Pack. Feel free to download the item by clicking on the image above or by clicking here! You will find writing prompt templates, fall holiday themes, story problems, and more. Thanks for looking!

Fall Math & Literacy Fun Activities, Printables Pack (Common Core Aligned)

I recently posted my Fall packet to TpT that includes over 100 pages of literacy and math lesson materials that incorporate seasonal themes and holidays! Check it out by clicking on any of the images above or you can click here. Or download my Fall Freebie Pack as a mini preview by clicking here. Thanks all! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Huge Sale on Backgrounds and Frames via Sassy Designs

Hi All! I just stumbled upon a huge sitewide sale Sassy Designs, Inc., is having. I am not sure how long the sale lasts, but I just had to share! Currently, their products are 94% off! I love using their Digital Paper Packs that usually sell for $3.99 a piece; however, with their current sale, these packs are only .24 cents! Oh my gosh! I am so excited to start filling up my shopping cart:) Check them out by clicking here!
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Math & Literacy Freebie Mini Pack

Summer Math & Literacy Freebie Mini Pack
Common Core Aligned
If you are interested in checking out my Summer Math & Literacy Pack (Common Core Aligned) here is a free sample of a few literacy & math worksheets available for download. Just simply click on the image above or click here and you can download and print the sample for free! Happy Summer!

Summer - Math & Literacy Fun Activities, Printables Packet (Common Core Aligned)

Summer Math & Literacy Fun Pack (Common Core Aligned)

Just in time for the heart of the summer season, I have put together my Summer: Math & Literacy Fun Packet (Common Core Aligned). This pack has 2 parts covering ELA skills and Math skills. An index is included as well that details the specific common core assessment standards that this packet's materials cover.
English Language Arts: Unit I - The following pages assess a student’s reading, writing, spelling, and various language skills (e.g., contractions, synonyms, antonyms, syllables, digraphs, punctuation, long and short vowels, verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and much more!)
Math: Unit II - The following pages assess a student’s knowledge of solving summer-themed story problems, addition/subtraction, missing addends, greater than/less than, even/odd, place value, base ten numerals, extending the counting sequence, measurement, telling time, counting money, fractions, picture graphs, and much more!
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