Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of Year Candy Bar Awards Customizable

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End of Year Candy Bar Awards - 30 Customizable Candy Bar Awards in Color and Black & White versions. All you will need to do is type in the student's name, teacher's name, and date! It's as simple as that:) Each award is made for a different candy bar with a unique tagline.
Note: This file is customizable {created via Microsoft Powerpoint} so that you can personalize all awards.
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Awards Include:
* 3 Musketeers Award: working well in groups
* 100 Grand Award: terrific working with numbers
* Almond Joy Award: spreading happiness to others
* Baby Ruth Award: being a star athlete
*Butterfinger Award: creating masterpieces of art
*Crunch Award: coming through in crunch time
* Dove Chocolate Award: peacemaker
* Hershey's Bar Award: being kind to everyone
* Hot Tamales Award: quick on your feet
* Jolly Rancher Award: positive attitude
* Junior Mints Award: having refreshing ideas
* Kit Kat Award: hard worker who deserves a break
* Life Savers Award: helping others
* M&M's Award: excellent with letters
* Mars Award: out-of-this-world imagination
* Mentos Award: terrific mentor
* Milky Way Award: excellent scientific observations
* Mounds Award: mounds of fun
* Mr. Goodbar Award: responsible and doing the right thing
* Nerds Award: overall strong academic performance
* Payday Award: successful team leader
* Reese's Cups Award: exhibiting perfection
* Rolo Award: getting along with others
* Skittles Award: colorful personality
* Snickers Award: making others laugh
* Starburst Award: shining star of positivity
* SweeTARTS Award: extra sweet toward others
* Symphony Award: amazing musical talent
* Twix Award: sneaky trickster
* Whoppers Award: amazing storyteller

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