Sunday, June 2, 2013

End of Year Writing Classroom Activities Packet

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                                 End of School Year Activities Packet featuring 7 Writing Activities!
I recently finished my end of year writing bundle featuring 7 unique writing activities that focus on classroom memories, summer plans, and future predictions. Great for students K-5. See the description below for more.
1. Memory Book: students create a memory book allowing them to reflect on their favorite activities from the school year (such as class field trip, classroom pet, lunchtime buddies, recess, etc.) and capture personal details that feature their favorite subject, song, movie, food, etc. A template for a personal note from the teacher is also included as a special keepsake for each student.
2. Time Capsule: students construct their very own time capsule to be opened at a future date that includes current snapshots and future predictions!
3. Future Forecast: students write about 7 plans they have for their future.
4. Summer Bucket Lists: students design their own sand bucket craft that displays their own "summer bucket lists" which will highlight each student's plans for the summer months.
5. Facebook Profile Page: students fill out a Facebook profile page that includes space for their classmates to write them personalized wall posts:)
6. Yearbook: mini yearbook craft will have students drawing in photos of their classmates and signing autographs!
7. Popcorn Bag Messages: to welcome in next year's class, students complete a popcorn craft, welcoming new students "To the Show"

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