Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School Pack - Math & Literacy Fun {First Week Activities & Lessons for Kids}

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Check out my Back to School - Math & Literacy Fun {First Week Activities & Lessons Pack} for 70+ pages full of worksheets, group work, and fun printables that help your students introduce themselves and learn about their new teacher and classmates! Included you will find many writing prompts asking students to describe themselves, including their likes, measurements, and summer vacation as well as interview questions to find out more about a fellow classmate and ice breaker game to quickly learn a few things about each other. The pack also includes many bar graphs that ask students to use various math skills incorporating a fun "back to school" theme and, finally, a paper backpack craft is featured.
Here are some of what's included in the pictures below:
Thanks for looking! Happy new school year!!!

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